NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale review: Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott face off

Cassadee Pope“The Voice” season 3 is finally wrapped up, at least when it comes to the last performance show for the voting public. This was the night where you really had to let all of your cards on the table; and sadly, we are really not sure that all of these artists fully did that. As a matter of fact, we’re thinking about -renaming tomorrow’s behemoth of a finale “let’s just give Cassadee the check now and call it a day.”

There were three different rounds in this performance show: new numbers, repeat performances, and duets featuring the artist and their coach. Let’s go through all of this, and be sure to vote on your favorite below!

Round one

Nicholas David, fire mashup – If this was a part of a larger show by Nicholas, it would have probably gone over pretty well. However, as a one-off to start the final of a singing competition, we don’t know why in the world Nicholas mashed up to songs about fire. There just wasn’t much soul to the arrangement, and we’re talking more about the lyrical content here than the actual musical genre. In between the dance moves and the fire everyone on stage, it just didn’t work.

Cassadee Pope, “Over You” – Of course, Cassadee chose for her repeat performance the biggest moment from the entire season. Everyone opened up the tear ducks again, even if it did not have the same shine it did the first time.

Terry McDermott with Blake Shelton, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” – Finally, we have Terry rock out to “Dude Looks Like a Lady.” Seriously. This is a fun song by Aerosmith, but we also don’t know if it is something that is going to lead to anyone really taking you seriously. The vocals were pretty on point, but we are still not sure that will be enough.

Round two

Nicholas, “Lean On Me” – It was great the first time, and it was also great again. The only real issue was simply that this performance, like all of the other repeat numbers done during the show, was of course more magical the first time that we heard it.

Terry, “Broken Wing” – This song was dedicated to his son, and it was strong throughout most of the second half.  The only problem that arose during this? The first half of it was marred by some sort of technical issue Terry was having, and it was a little distracting to watch.

Cassadee and Blake, “Steve McQueen” – Yet again, Blake had completely the right idea here for Cassadee, and she did, as well, when it came to how to handle this properly. Blake stayed in the background, and she let her fantastic voice shine through this rocking Sheryl Crow track.

Round three

Nicholas and Cee Lo, “Play That Funky Music” – Funky is the perfect word to describe this. We don’t think that this is going to allow him to win the show, but we will be honest here and say that we had more fun here than we did the rest of the night.

Terry, “I Wanna Know What Love Is” – This was a smart song choice for Terry to repeat: it was one of his few slow songs of the season, and he actually did sing it better than he did the first time on the show.

Cassadee Pope, “Cry” – Meanwhile, “Cry” by Faith Hill was a perfect choice for Cassadee to sing. It played not only well to some of her country success on the show so far, but it also was the perfect choice to capture the heart of a mourning country. Her momentum has been building for weeks now, and with this pitch-perfect performance we are pretty sure she has already sealed her fate as a winner.

Who was your favorite from this week? If you want to see who from the show we think is the most likely to snag a record deal, you can do so over at the link here.

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