‘House of Lies’ season 2 promo: Now’s the time to panic

House of LiesIf you love watching comedy series on Sunday nights, you are really going to be getting what you bargained for on Sunday, January 13. Not only is HBO launching the new seasons of both “Girls” and “Enlightened,” but Showtime is also launching a new season of “House of Lies” that will hopefully continue to be a witty good time.

In looking back at the show’s first season, we actually want to compare it to another network properties of years past in “Weeds.” Not everything worked exactly how it should, but you could sense that there was some great potential there with the storytelling. In addition to that, you had an accomplished lead (whether it be Mary-Louise Parker or in this case Don Cheadle) who knows how exactly to get the job done. There is also a strong cast of supporting players ready and willing to back them up.

Well, Cheadle, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the gang are back to continue to play some more mindgames and prove once again they they manipulate and scheme better than anyone’s business. We wish that the promo actually gave us a little bit more in the way of actual footage, though, mostly because this on its own is going to be hard to show to new viewers to the point where they will understand what exactly this show is about. (Then again, this may just be a problem with promoting the show as a whole.) We just hope that there is plenty of craziness, and the substance in order to practically back it up.

What do you think about this new teaser? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can check out the Golden Globes nominations pertaining to the show over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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