‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 debate: Who’s at risk of [spoiler] soon?

Lana ParrillaAs you may have heard when we released some early details about the first “Once Upon a Time” season 2 episode to air after the winter hiatus in “The Cricket Game,” we are set to see Lana Parilla’s “evil” character of Regina end up being accused of murdering someone who is considered one of Storybrooke’s most “beloved” residents. However, Emma is going to be one of the few people who believes her to be innocent.

So who is the character that is potentially going to be in danger come January 6? We have a few possibilities coming our way courtesy of the official ABC’s press release for the episode, which lists a number of the guest stars. First things first, it is probably fair to say that you can rule Raphael Sbarge’s Archie off the list; while he is appearing, we have heard that his role is being increased in the new year rather than it being cut back in some capacity. In addition to that, most of the series regulars are probably save, given that it would be strange to kill one off at a time that was not one of the key sweeps periods.

Here are some of the candidates that have us a little bit nervous: one of Snow White’s dwarves, the blue fairy, and Granny. All are listed as appearing in the episode, and all could be considered in some way “beloved.” (This key word tips off the Cora and Captain Hook are not likely to be the victims of anything just yet.) Of course, we also have to consider the possibility that maybe there is no murder at all, and that everything is some sort of cruel misunderstanding.

What do you think could be going on in this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can check out some more news about a rather “Tiny” episode over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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