Big Brother 23: The joy that comes with a live move-in

Big Brother 20If you missed the news from during the week, Big Brother 23 will be back on CBS come July 7! It’s certainly earlier than last year, and there are also some other things worth feeling rather giddy about. Take, for example, that we’re getting all-new houseguests again after a disappointing All-Stars campaign. Or, the idea that there will be a live move-in for the second straight year.

When we think about the idea of a live move-in, one question almost immediately comes to mind: Why hasn’t CBS done something like this more often?

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When it comes to the past decade or so of the game, the best example we have of a live move-in was during Big Brother: Over the Top. There was something so fascinating about watching these discussions play out on the live feeds as everyone got to know each other! You saw the formation and dissolution of early alliances, which are typically things you only find out about after the fact.

Our hope now is that the live move-in becomes an annual tradition so that we can see the game in its purest form — and by that we mean the feeds. There’s only so much good stuff that can ever be crammed into three shows a week. (The show’s nightly schedule will be roughly the same throughout season 23.)

Remember that the theme for this season is Big Risks, Big Rewards — it’s too early to tell how that is going to play out, but we’re definitely excited to learn more.

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