The Blacklist season 8: What did Ivan whisper to Neville Townsend?

The Blacklist logoTonight’s The Blacklist season 8 episode may have served to answer at least some questions — but it also left the door open to others.

For example, we now know that Raymond Reddington was telling the truth: The moment that Ivan a.k.a. the Friend from the East whispered something to Neville Townsend, it was enough to make the guy want Liz dead. Not only that, but he’s also putting out directives to kill every member of the Task Force and even Priya. Basically, he is stopping at nothing to ensure that he gets what he wants: Mass destruction.

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This now brings us to the big question that tonight’s episode begs us to ask: What was it that Ivan whispered to Townsend in the first place? How was all of this ultimately set off? It remains hard to get a clear answer to that, but it is easy to make a few guesses. It could have been him revealing that Reddington is Liz’s father — or mother, if you believe that he is somehow Katarina. Or, it could have to do with Liz either holding or having the key to the Sikorsky Archive. By Reddington entrusting her with that (even if she doesn’t know it), that is a sign that he really cares for her. Almost as a direct result of that, Neville would want Liz done away with.

No matter the motive, we definitely think now that all bets are off. It’s going to be super-tough at this point to stop a train that is very much in motion. We’ll just have to wait and see if it’s possible.

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