‘Glee’ season 4: Chris Colfer “happy” Kurt and Blaine are taking a break

Kurt and BlaineOn last week’s midseason finale of “Glee” season 4, fans were excited to see Blaine show up in New York to spend Christmas with Kurt and although they had a romantic ice skating date and a lovely dinner there was no Klaine kiss or reconciliation –  Blaine did tell Kurt that he wants to apply to NYADA next year when he graduates, leaving a possibility for a more adult romantic relationship between them.

So is Chris Colfer as excited as fans are to see Kurt and Blaine get back together again?  You’d be surprised at his answer.  While he loves the fact that the Kurt and Blaine relationship gives a something for kids to look up to, he also said that he’s happy that they are taking a break.  He said:

“I think it’s amazing what they represent, and I’m so happy that kids have that relationship to look to.  I really get the fans really mad when I say this, but I’m really happy they’re taking a break because it gives them something else to do besides say I love you and look at each other dreamingly, you know – which I’m sure there’ll be more of  down the road. I think it’s good for those characters right now to take a break and kind of establish themselves as characters rather then just half of a character.”

What was hopeful about what Colfer had to say was that there will be more”I love you’s” between Kurt and Blaine in the future – which isn’t too much of a shocker since these character’s really care about each other just as much as the fans care about them.

If you want to see Colfer’s full explanation as to why he’s happy that  Kurt and Blaine are taking a break, feel free to watch the video below taken over the weekend at a “Struck By Lightning” event.

Photo: Fox

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