Is Gregory Jbara leaving Blue Bloods? Is Garrett getting fired?

Blue Bloods season 11

Is Gregory Jbara leaving Blue Bloods? There may be a moment or two throughout tonight’s episode where you worry about that.

Why? Just think about the massive pile of trouble that Garrett is going to create for himself within this episode. It begins when he tells a local paper some stuff that bites him in the butt — these are statements Frank wants him to walk back immediately, though Garrett unfortunately doesn’t seem altogether keen on doing so. Instead, he’s fine to defend himself and put the blame on those who don’t understand him.

Here is where Garrett should know a little bit better — he’s been around the block long enough to know that quotes can be misinterpreted all the time. This could easily be what is going on here. Frank still ordered him to go out there and retract his comment, and it seemed like Garrett wasn’t that interested in making things any worse on himself.

One of the things that Garrett pointed out through this storyline is the importance of change. Over the years, he’s stopped drinking, lost weight, and took on meditation. He’s made his life a lot better and he’s bringing that philosophy elsewhere — including the press. Yet, what makes things interesting is that there are times when the Old Garrett is needed. That was the real crux of the issue tonight; Frank needed that guy and he just wasn’t getting him.

Did Garrett give Frank a sealed envelope?

He tried to, but Frank refused — he clearly does not want him to leave the NYPD! In the end, the important thing to note is this: Garrett’s not leaving. This episode, as compelling as it was, followed the show’s classic formula from start to finish. They spent a good chunk of the hour making you think that the character was going to be leaving, only for it to not turn out to be the case. If we had it our way, we’d ensure that all of Frank’s advisers stick around Blue Bloods for however long it lasts.

What do you think is going to happen to Garrett on Blue Bloods tonight?

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