The Circle US season 2 finale: Who won? + the cast reunion

The CircleToday marks The Circle US season 2 finale arriving on Netflix, and what a fun finale it was! There were a ton of big reveals, a surprising winner, and a lot of great comedic moments.

Obviously, there are some spoilers within this piece, so be forewarned about that before we go any further.

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The big winner – Good for Trevor! Despite Deleesa thinking that she’d lost the moment Mitchell’s blocking was revealed, she still found a way to take home the title! A lot of it was due to smart strategy. It turned out that it was great to have so many good relationships, but also some that were a little under the radar. Players like John and Courtney were perhaps more threatened by other people like Chloe and even River, and that allowed Trevor to be ranked a little higher. He also was given the #1 ranking by Chloe (who ended up finishing second), who was at this point wildly smitten with him.

The big flaw in River and Courtney’s game was simply how close their alliance was. Everyone knew about it, and no one wanted to rank them too high thinking they would put each other at the top. John was just too new to the game to have a chance.

The reunion – Seeing Deleesa reveal herself to Chloe was both funny but also a little sad. We did honestly feel bad for her, as she spent all season thinking she was falling for a single dad — as opposed to, of course, Trevor’s wife. She was a good sport about it, and really the highlight of the entire get-together was Courtney realizing the majority of the players left were catfishes. John being the combination of Jack/Lisa was especially hilarious, since there was no way anyone could predict that.

Cheers to a great season! Once more, The Circle proves itself to be one of the best reality competitions out there.

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