Who is Shannon Soucie? NCIS airs title card tribute

NCISWho is Shannon Soucie? If you are wondering about an answer to this question following tonight’s NCIS, we more than understand. It was a loving message to someone described as a friend and colleague to the show.

Here is what we can tell you: There is a Shannon Soucie listed on IMDb, and she has credits listed within the make-up / hair department on projects such as CSI. NCIS is not listed on this person’s page, but not every crew member often has credits listed on the site. There is also a mention of Soucie’s recent passing listing on the Make-Up Artist and Hairstylists Guild’s official website.

Title card tributes are often a special way for a show to pay respect to someone who is no longer with us. These cards air in perpetuity, so any person in the future who watches “Misconduct” will have a chance to learn more about who she is and see how much she meant to the show. This will prompt them to search more about her and her contributions to the show. Makeup and hair stylists are some of the greatest unsung heroes for any television production; they work in order to ensure that every performer looks consistent from one scene to the next, even when they are filmed out of order. For some actors, they need hours of work in makeup before they can even start work for the day!

Seeing this title card is a clear message that Soucie was loved by the entire NCIS cast and crew and will be sorely missed. We know that the past 400+ days have been marked with so much tragedy, but we don’t want to lose sight of all of the individual people and stories along the way. We applaud NCIS for paying tribute to Shannon, and hope that the card serves as a fitting tribute to all who knew and loved her.

Our thoughts go out to Shannon Soucie’s friends and loved ones during what has to be a most difficult time. (Photo: CBS.)

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