Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 13: Did Meredith Grey wake up?

Grey's AnatomyThrough almost all of Grey’s Anatomy season 17, one thing has been abundantly clear: Meredith Grey is on the verge of death. Entering this installment, we wondered if this would finally be the one where Ellen Pompeo’s character returned from the hospital.

So where did we get our first sign of hope? It was through Derek, who reflected on his death and encouraged her to be there for the kids. The moment that we had the wardrobe change for Meredith and a recreation of the wedding, it was clear that we were building towards something big.

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Then, we had Zola wanting to visit her mother in the hospital. This was a time of great emotional uncertainty and because of that, she wanted some comfort. She knew that Meredith would want to fight for those who were suffering; being close to her would at least make her feel a connection.

As we approached the end of the episode, we saw Zola prepare to visit her mother wearing all of the necessary gear. This is when we knew we were gearing up for something beautiful, or so we hoped. Given everything that’s happened with Meredith and the past, it was only fitting that someone from her present be there. Meredith coming back to the present was all about her kids, and that was a powerful sentiment that we don’t get on a lot of other shows out there.

But did she actually wake up in the end? Did the appearance from Zola actually work? In a word, yes — it was thanks to her, but it was also thanks to Meredith’s vision of Derek. She had to go back, and she did. Meredith Grey is back! Who knows if she’ll stay awake, but for now, she’s back!

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