‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Who’s feeling sorry for Mona?

Janel ParrishYou likely already knew that the title for the winter premiere for “Pretty Little Liars” season 3 is “She’s Better Now,” but what you may not have known is just to what extent anyone in the town of Rosewood actually believes this.

If there is one person who is putting on a good show for the time being, though, it is definitely Mona herself. As you can see in the latest sneak peek from the episode below, the original “A” (and traitor of the trust of the Liars’ themselves) is back attending school, and is also doing just about everything she can to act normal even in spite of the fact that everyone knows just how far she fell off the deep end.

However, something rather remarkable happens that may help her bridge the gap to fitting in a little bit faster: she actually finds a way to make some of her fellow classmates feel sorry for her. Spencer, Emily, and Aria comment in the clip that something happens to Mona at school that almost makes them feel sorry for her, and for a few brief moments they are afraid that she is going to hold them responsible for it. However, Mona quickly assures them that she knows that they have not done anything to try and hurt her, and she is also even taking some credit for helping Emily avenge the death of her beloved Maya.

We don’t know if this episode will reveal just whether or not Mona is as sane as she claims, but we can guarantee one thing: Toby is going to be around, as well, and he will be just as sinister as he was revealed to be during the show’s summer finale.

If you want to watch more sneak peeks for the winter season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” you can do so over here.

Photo: ABC Family, video via SpoilerTV

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