Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: All-time blunders all around?

Jedson TavernierAs we prepare for the Big Brother Canada 9 Veto Ceremony tomorrow, there’s one word to describe the house: Confusion. This is one of the messiest days in quite some time, really to the point where nobody in the house may know what’s going on. Unfortunately, that may also include the Head of Household.

Here is what we know right now: Jedson won the Power of Veto, meaning that he can choose to remove either himself or Beth from the block. It’s a given that he will use it, but will he actually save Beth over himself?

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As crazy as it sounds, it does seem like this is the case. There is a plan at the moment to get Jed out that involves him using the Veto on Beth, only to then have Breydon go up on the block. Or, at the very least that is the information that is currently being passed around. Of course, Tera would be doing this thinking that Jed would be evicted … but would that really happen? We don’t know. She’d be counting on Kiefer, Tychon, and Beth to do what she wants, and they’ve been working with Jed for most of the game. Those three could be playing Tera, but could she be playing them?

Here’s where things get REALLY messy. Previously, Tera told Breydon that she’d never put him up; yet, she’s acting tonight like she’s really going through with this plan and he’ll have to go up for it to work. Maybe she’s saying this just so that everyone believes it? It’s possible, but if she really does nominate Ty instead of Breydon it will be HILARIOUS — she’ll have almost no allies in the game but ultimately, it really doesn’t matter.

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