NCIS season 18 episode 12 sneak peek: A new Gibbs, McGee scene!

NCIS - SangreAs we approach NCIS season 18 episode 12 on CBS this Tuesday, there are a number of things we’re left to wonder. One of the biggest ones is simply this: Does Gibbs miss the job during his suspension?

In the sneak peek below, Mark Harmon’s character does his best to convince Tim of one simple thing: There’s more to this world than just work. We’re not 100% sure that he means it, or maybe he’s just trying to convince himself.

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While spending time with his (former?) boss, Tim makes it clear that there are some good signs regarding Gibbs’ future. While there may have been initial resistance to Marcie writing a story about NCIS, it could end up being a good thing — the article proved that the organization is holding its employees accountable, and getting that out in the open may do wonders for allowing Gibbs to return to work someday. He just doesn’t seem to be in a hurry — he tells McGee that there are a number of things that he’s been putting off due to work, and this is an opportunity to get a lot of them done.

Personally, we find it hard to believe that Gibbs is really okay with being off the job — he may just be trying to keep himself from going crazy. It could be a while still before he is able to return to his post, and there’s a recognition that hurrying things along will not do anything to his personal well-being. It may even be harder to return to work doing things this way.

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Do you think Gibbs misses work more than he’s letting on in this NCIS sneak peek?

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