‘Survivor: Philippines’ finale rankings: Is it Malcolm and Denise’s game to lose?

Malcolm FrebergWith the season finale for “Survivor: Philippines” airing on Sunday night, it’s almost time for us to answer the questions of who will win and who should win. (We’ll have more on that tomorrow morning.) Before we dive too deeply into that, though, we have to take on another important issue in ranking all of the contenders still in the game.

So who is likeliest to win the million bucks? It’s complicated, since there is no one left that is a guaranteed jury goat. We’re going to base this first on who is the most likely to win in the end, but we are also going to factor in here how likely they even are of making it to the final three.

4. Lisa Whelchel (last week: 3)- Let’s try to make this pretty clear: we believe that Lisa probably has the best chance of making the final three, but the worst chance to actually win. As much as she may say now that she’s in the game to win, her constant flip-flopping and her poor challenge performances are not likely to be respected by the jury, even if she is a fairly nice person. The only hope she really has is that she ends up making it to the end with Skupin, and then makes a good argument that Skupin was always one bad move away from injuring himself off the island.

3. Michael Skupin (2) – Skupin is in a strange position himself. He’s a returning player and that could work against him in the jury, but he really has not angered too many people save for possibly Jeff Kent and Jonathan Penner. He’s also a motivational speaker, so you have to think that the guy is going to be perfectly capable of creating a great final speech that will actually get him the million dollars in the end.

2. Denise Stapley (4) – This is where things get a little tricky to us. We think that either Malcolm or Denise will win this season, and it all depends on who manages to make it there (since it’s more likely one of them will miss out than with Lisa or Skupin). The only reason Denise is #2 here is because Malcolm said last week that he would have no problem getting rid of her in this spot, and she hasn’t said the same thing about him. Plus, we think Denise’s enemies (Penner, Abi-Maria) will make it harder for her to win against Malcolm if they both make it. With that being said, she’s far more deserving than either Tandang member.

1. Malcolm Freberg (1) – There’s no way around it: Malcolm is just a beast in this game. He’s a strong competitor, a nice guy, and a solid strategist. He also has no enemies on the jury, and will win if a landslide if he makes it there. All he has to do is either win the final immunity challenge (which seems likely), or hope that Denise forces a tiebreaker (and we have no indication that she would vote him out).

Who do you think will win? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and you can check out a peek at one of the challenges from the finale by clicking the link here.

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