‘The X Factor’ USA: Emblem3 looks at older voters as reason for exit

Emblem3Even though Emblem3 may be gone from “The X Factor” USA as a contender for the $5 million prize, we are not done hearing from them just yet, at least based on some interesting new comments that are coming out following their elimination.

In a lengthy interview that was posted by Zap2It, for example, band member Drew Chadwick was smart enough to realize that the main people who actually call in votes on a regular basis are not teenage girls who they hear about on Twitter (which is the same mistake that got Demi Lovato’s team in trouble this year); rather, it is older people who often find something to related to in Tate Stevens or someone who sings familiar songs in Carly Rose Sonenclar:

“It’s all about the mass majority of people who watch the show and who’s appealing to them specifically … We might be killing it in social networking but it all comes down to the vote.”

Wesley Stromberg added the following:

“They say it’s 40-year-old women and up who are the main voters. Sometimes maybe some skater surfer punks… they don’t get it.”

But is it really the fact that these three were “skater surfer punks” that was the problem? We don’t think so, since we believe they would be in the finale as favorites had they been allowed to stick more to the “Sunset Boulevard” style that made them popular to begin with. Rather, this is on Simon Cowell continuing to forget with his boy bands that there is a market beyond just teenager girls out there who are voting. It’s possible that this strategy will translate into great record sales after the show, but shouldn’t winning the show also be important? They were so commercialized and over-hyped on the show that it was at times off-putting, whereas Fifth Harmony has gotten more of an underdog edit since they were never so enforced upon us as viewers.

Do you think it was really older viewers, or the perception of the group caused by Cowell and company, that is the real reason for Emblem3’s demise? If you want to read what Fifth Harmony has to say about still being in the competition, you can do so here.

Photo: Fox

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