‘Homeland’ season 2 finale: Mandy Patinkin pays Stephen Colbert a visit

HomelandSince we are always thrilled to see a visit from any star of “Homeland” on a late-night talk show, we thus present to you the latest interview featuring Mandy Patinkin from “The Colbert Report” a little bit earlier this week. Isn’t it nice to see a man known for such a serious character like Saul loosen up a little bit? The conversation did not include really any spoilers at all for the finale Sunday night, but it was at least a nice bit of background when it comes not only to the show, but the actor’s feelings about the subject matter.

For those who haven’t heard, Patinkin (who is one of our nominees for Best Dramatic Actor) ended up growing the beard as a request of the executive producers for the pilot, and when they liked the look on the character, they then requested him to sport it more often on the show moving forward. He did, and as a result it’s become a key part of the character’s mystique. He also explained how long it takes him to grow it, which is really quite a while considering that it then has to stay on his face for significant stretches of time.

As for the discussion concerning politics, it occasionally became heated as Patinkin discussed the notion of just who terrorists are, and how there are certain parts of the fabric of America that are to blame for us being so vulnerable. Thankfully, Colbert quickly turned this into a great moment featuring two great minds being funny, but while at the same time taking on a serious subject that has already been broached in government more times than we can count.

What do you think about this discussion? If you want to read some more “Homeland” scoop on what to expect from the finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Comedy Central

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