The Rookie season 3 episode 10 promo: Nolan’s hostage crisis

If you thought this past episode was intense, The Rookie season 3 episode 10 looks to be matching that however it can. “Man of Honor” is dramatic, dangerous, and it shows further how far John Nolan will go to try and be a hero.

Where Nathan Fillion’s character finds himself in the early going here is at the center of a hostage crisis. He will have to find a way to help a woman put in an impossible position: Unless she walks out of a location with $250,000 in diamonds, her daughter dies. We don’t even have to tell you how horrible a situation this is.

So what can Nolan do? One order of business is obviously helping this woman, whereas another is recruiting Lucy and Jackson from afar in order for them to do whatever they can. They could locate the girl and with that, stop this situation before it gets worse. Of course, there is also a risk given that one wrong step could mean the end of everything. This is Jackson and Lucy’s first day of riding together — there are probably a million ways they thought this day could go, but this probably is not one of them.

Do we hope that there’s more going on in this episode beyond this? Sure, and we especially mean this for all of the Chen/Bradford fans who are out there. We know that a lot of people out there feel like the rug was pulled out from under them last week, when a promo tease turned out to not be much of anything at all. We’re glad that there are some episodes still out there; after all, doesn’t that mean we’ve got more time for the story to develop?

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