Is Robert Clohessy leaving Blue Bloods? Is Sid Gormley getting fired?

Blue Bloods season 11

Is Robert Clohessy leaving Blue Bloods? For the second time in recent memory, we find ourselves asking this question — albeit for a very different reason.

The first time that we were worried about this happening, it was due to some mental anguish that the character was suffering. Frank and the rest of the team encouraged him to seek out help, and we still assume that this is happening behind the scenes with him.

This time around, meanwhile, Gormley’s uncertain future is tied to some serious allegations from the past. Complaints from decades ago have resurfaced, and it’s enough that the Mayor is getting involved and wants Gormley gone from the force. Frank will do what he can to defend him, but how far can he really go? This is a complicated situation and, as you would imagine, one where there will need to be some investigating done. Frank seems to believe that context matters with Sid’s past, and there are a number of key details being omitted in the present-day complaints.

We’ll see where the story goes tonight, but for now there is no evidence that Robert Clohessy is departing. There’s been no public statement, and in all honesty it’d be a shame to see him go. We’re speaking here about someone who has been a key part of the show for so long, and where would Frank be without his team?

Of course, we will have more updates as the episode tonight progresses — be sure to refresh this article!

Update – At around the midway point of the episode, things were looking bad for Sid — he made it clear that if he had to go for his actions of the past, he would. He understood that it was a different world than it was many years ago.

Update 2 – Frank wanted to get one over the Mayor and support his own, and he did that by calling a press conference. He tried to disprove all allegations out there on Gormley by showing that there were accusations out there against him. He made it clear that if Gormley goes, so will he … and we like to think that’s enough to allow Gormley to keep his job. It’s not confirmed, but we think he’ll stick around.

Do you want to see Gormley stick around Blue Bloods for the rest of the series?

Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts on the subject below! After you do just that, remember to stick around — there are more updates ahead and we don’t want you to miss them.

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