Big Brother Canada 9 interview: Victoria Woghiren & Rohan Kapoor!

  Victoria WoghirenLast night on Big Brother Canada 9 proved to be a tough one for fans of memorable players — Victoria Woghiren and Rohan Kapoor left in the Double Eviction! Both brought a lot to the table as a part of this season, and now, the two of them are the first two members of the jury.

So what did they each have to say collectively about their experiences this season? We were more than happy to talk to them both in our latest exit interviews. (If you want to also check out our recent video interview with Austin, you can do that at the bottom of this article! After doing so, subscribe to Matt & Jess on YouTube — we’ll have more videos there the rest of the season.)

Jess Carter – Victoria, was the entire house meeting strategy? Were you hoping to turn people on Tera?

Victoria – Jedson and Ty had told me that if I had a chance to stay in the game, I needed to target Tera. I needed to prove to them that she was a threat. That’s what I was trying to do — call her out and admit to some of the conversations that we had. It was partly based on Tera, but I wanted to get Tina and Rohan involved. I wanted them to know that I’m not their problem; I’m not their threat.

Jess – Rohan, do you wish you had saved Austin with the Veto?

Rohan – Obviously, I had campaigned for Austin to stay in the house so her being there would have been better. But, had I won Veto and taken Austin down, it would have made a lot of people uneasy. I would have exposed them to a risk of being the replacement nominee. Regardless of what I did with that Veto, one of them would have been going home — I felt pretty strongly that Tina or Tera would’ve been the replacement nominee. If I had pulled Austin down, Breydon would have been going home.

[Breydon and Austin] played different games and each brought different things to the table, and honestly, Breydon was an asset for me after Austin left. So no, I don’t regret it.

Matt – Victoria, who do you feel the most betrayed by in the game?

Victoria – Beth. We were supposed to be working together — I was aligned with her and the boys. She came into power and I was so happy — I was like ‘yes, another week of safety!’ I felt safe and yet, here I am in the jury house.

Matt – Rohan, at what point did you feel the game was getting away from you where you started to become a constant target?

Rohan – I almost had the vote flipped on me in week 2 and I almost went home then. When we sent Latoya home in week 3, I felt like I was in a very good spot in the game. We had the odds of winning the following HoH and send another person packing. When Kiefer won the next HoH, I would have bet my last dollar that he would’ve put up two of the last three people who voted against him in that eviction; but, he put Kyle and I on the block. From there on out, it was a tough battle for me where I had to win a couple of Vetoes to stay in the game.

It got to a point where if I didn’t win, I was going home and that’s exactly what happened.

Jess – Victoria, you said in your speech that this was one of the dirtiest backdoors ever. Did you mean that, and if so, what frustrates you about it?

Victoria – I felt that! When I was told to go sit on the block, I was absolutely stunned. I was supposed to be aligned with those people — they came to me with the alliance name and said they wanted to do this. I thought it was a dirty backdoor and I never got to fight for my life.

Jess – Rohan, had you survived the Double Eviction, what would your plan have been?

Rohan – Had I survived and Breydon had gone, I would’ve been in a tough spot. Breydon was my eyes and ears with Jed, Beth, and Tychon. Everything that was being said in the HoH room he was bringing back to me. With him gone, it would have been either myself, Tina, or Tera who would’ve had to win [HoH]. Obviously, those odds aren’t great.

It would have been a tough battle — what really turned the tide was Austin and Breydon going up in the Invisible HoH. If Victoria puts up Jed and Tychon, it’s a totally new ballgame.

Matt – Victoria, who did you want to sit next to at the end?

Victoria – I would’ve loved to sit by Kiefer — I thought we had a final two. I thought we were fighting for each other in that game and I would’ve loved to sit beside him. Same thing with Rohan — I loved his game and would’ve loved to be there with him at the end.

Matt – Rohan, if it wasn’t a Double Eviction and you had more time to campaign, what would your campaign be? Who would you have gone to?

Rohan – That’s what did me in — it was such a short period of time [after the Veto] when the decision had to be made. Even if Tychon had won that Veto, if I had three to four days to work on them, I could’ve had a more convincing case. For Tychon, my argument would’ve been ‘I am a bigger target than you. If anyone in this house wins, I’m going up before you.’ I think he understood that, but at the same time he had to appease his alliance.

Another person is Beth — she could’ve been a third person for me in addition to Tina and Tera. Beth, Breydon, and I had tried to form a three-person alliance and go to the final five, potentially with Tina and Tera. It would have been good for Beth. The one person who was unlikely to vote for me to stay was Jedson.

Jess – Victoria, what was the one thing you were the most excited to do entering the game, and did you get a chance to do it?

Victoria – I really wanted to win an HoH! To be in that room, get a letter, get my pictures, and have that suite to myself. That was glorious and I’m so happy I had that moment. Also, it was also awesome to host a Power of Veto. I was corn! (laughs.)

Matt – Rohan, you said going into the game that you wanted to play like a villain, do you think you did that?

Rohan – Uh, no (laughs). I said a lot of things pre-game that I wanted to do. I didn’t want to win a lot of competitions, and obviously I won three back-to-back-to-back Vetoes. I wanted to play this villain and I don’t really think I was that character.

On the outside, I don’t think you realize how close you get to people in such a short period of time. Your emotions get the best of you. They definitely did, especially when I didn’t use the Veto on Austin or Breydon. I felt like it was my best game move and I still feel that way, but it was [hard] because I felt close ties to them.

For me, I think I needed to change my strategy, especially after taking back-to-back losses the second week as a team. I’m not mad about it; I played the game that I could.

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