Blue Bloods season 11 episode 11 video: Frank, the Mayor talk Gormley

Blue Bloods season 11

Friday night’s Blue Bloods season 11 episode 11 is going to feature a pretty personal story for Frank. While we know that Sid Gormley is technically his employee at 1 Police Plaza, he’s almost family. They’ve worked together for a long time and, by and large, they know each other backwards and forwards.

Yet, there is one part of Gormley’s past that is coming to light tomorrow night, and it could prove problematic for the Commissioner. In the sneak peek below, you get a good sense of what we’re talking about here as Mayor Chase (back for the first time in a while) confronts Frank about some old complaints. They are decades old, but they include multiple incidents of police brutality. The Mayor wants Gormley to go, while Tom Selleck’s character wants him to stay.

What’s the argument Frank is bringing to the table here? That context matters and, in the end, Mayor Chase is not looking at this anywhere near as much as he should. He indicates that Sid’s actions were for specific reasons and he doesn’t want to dismiss an important person to the NYPD because of a deliberately-incomplete picture. We imagine that this back and forth will continue throughout the episode, but we still have a hard time thinking Sid will get fired. Frank’s inner circle has been a part of the show forever, and it’d feel almost strange to cast one of them aside now.

One thing we will say without any doubt at all is this: It’s great see some of the show’s supporting characters get some time in the spotlight. This is a big episode for Gormley, and we know that one for Baker is coming up soon…

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