‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 12: What to expect from the finale

HomelandWith us nearing the “Homeland” season 2 finale with each passing day (and with us growing increasingly more anxious about it), we felt it best to share at least a little bit about what we are hearing now about the episode … at least without getting too spoilery about anything. (You’ve already come this far; anyone who actually does give anything away is going to have Quinn staring at them from outside of their living room window.)

The biggest thing that we can stress about the finale right now? Surprises, but not of the same variety as Brody killing the Vice-President or him getting arrested. These twists and turns (and there will be many of them) will be firmly rooting in events and characters that the show has developed over the past two seasons; every action will have a purpose, and it will be rooted more in emotion that necessarily the fulfillment of a mission. Quinn is really the only person left with an objective, and even he now has an emotional debate: how can he get away with killing a traitor in front of an agent who loves him?

Carrie and Brody are going to be center in almost everything that happens this week, and many of the peripheral characters will be around largely to interact with them. Take, for example, Saul, who you already saw in a sneak peek giving Carrie an earful about her wanting to be with a man who at one point wore a suicide vest. It wouldn’t be a premium cable series without a major event at the end, and expect this to be one that you and fellow members of the “Homeland” nation to be talking about for quite some time moving forward.

One final piece of advice we can share? Pay close attention. This will be an episode that will force you to remember key events, since otherwise, it’s possible you will feel lost like Brody did after being kidnapped earlier this season.

If you do want to hear some of what Damian Lewis is saying about this episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: Showtime

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