Blue Bloods season 11 episode 11 photo: What are Danny, Baez up to?

Blue Bloods season 11

Blue Bloods season 11 episode 11 is a new installment airing on CBS this Friday — and, as per usual, there is a LOT going on.

For Danny and Baez in particular, you’re going to see their story go in a very specific direction — and one that could be a larger cause just as much as it is a case. Per the official synopsis, “Danny and Baez learn to be allies when the transgender community comes under attack.” What causes the community to come under attack? It could be an isolated incident or something more continuous and systemic. We know how much the trans community is marginalized and mistreated in the real world. The photo above doesn’t give too much away, but it looks like Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez’s characters are listening rather intently to something.

What makes this show so important is its opportunity to educate — both in terms of its characters and also its viewers. We’re not sure that a character like Danny Reagan would know many transgender people or understand the struggles they go through on a regular basis. This storyline could expose him to more of that and allow him to fight more for their rights.

So could there be an opportunity in here for Danny and Baez to touch on some other subjects? We still wonder about their love-life conversation from two episodes ago and if that turns into something more; it was not addressed at all last week, but we’ve known from watching Blue Bloods over the years that these stories are always a slow burn. They don’t rush into anything; instead, we’re lucky to get a few updates on a single subject a season.

What do you want to see on Blue Bloods season 11 episode 11?

Is there anything in particular you want for Danny and Baez? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, remember to stick around — there are some other updates ahead leading into this episode.

(Photo: CBS.)

This article was written by Jess Carter.

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