Last Man Standing season 9 episode 14 video: Where is Boyd? A mention!

Last Man Standing

While there are a lot of different comedic storylines out there on Last Man Standingthere is also still a strange mystery. Where in the world is Boyd? Why isn’t the show acknowledging his presence anymore? The character hasn’t been seen physically on the series in a long time, and the writers don’t seem to have any interest in even mentioning him all that much.

Luckily, we did at least get a reference to him last month, and that is going to continue moving into tomorrow night’s new episode. In the sneak peek below (via TVLine), Eve (Kaitlyn Dever is back!) does her best to relate to her new nieces; however, she’s clearly still struggling with it. She was used to bonding with the aforementioned Boyd, and ultimately the two had so much more in common than she does with either of these nieces. It’s a problem for her, but Mike encourages her to just try harder and figure out a way. We think that this is a story that is probably relatable to a lot of people out there, given that bonding with family is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

The Boyd references are at this point just important to show that the series is not just pretending like he never existed. Yet, they’re not doing a whole lot more than that. Our guess is that the writers may just feel like they don’t have a lot of stories to tell with the character; also, having another male Baxter around alters slightly the original premise of the series. We do assume that the character is still a part of the family’s life, but that most of the interactions probably now happen off-screen. It’s one of the only things that makes sense to us.

Yet, we are excited that we’re going to be getting more Eve — and we know that she will be back for the series finale, as well.

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Why do you think that Last Man Standing has moved away from Boyd as of late?

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