Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: The Victoria house meeting fight

Victoria WoghirenIt is day 39 in the Big Brother Canada 9 house, and there is one word that we can use to describe the current state of things: Mess. Everything within the game at the moment is a giant dumpster fire and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

For those who missed our update yesterday, Victoria was nominated as a replacement nominee on Monday after Rohan used the Veto on himself. Vic and Tera are now on the block, and one of them (likely Victoria) will be evicted come Thursday.

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The best way to describe Victoria’s game at the moment is “desperate.” She’s a gamer, and she wants to do largely whatever she can to stick around. She’s played really hard so far this season, but unfortunately, that is one of the reasons for her undoing. She’s got some “allies,” but none of them are loyal enough to completely go to bat for her. That’s because she’s playing all sides. Tychon and Jed have been somewhat-supportive of her, but they’re still planning to boot her on Thursday … even after she effectively did their dirty work in a House Meeting earlier today. They can’t go against what Beth wants or they run the risk of imploding that alliance.

Victoria’s whole purpose in doing this was to deny that she wanted to throw Beth’s bag over the balcony (a ridiculous statement that honestly doesn’t matter now), and try to show that she can have Ty and Jed on her side. She needs their votes, plus Kiefer and one other (potentially Breydon?) in order to stay. She wanted to create more chaos to pin on Tina, Tera, and Rohan and have these three and Breydon all turn on each other.

Did she achieve any of this? It’s hard to say. There may be distrust among some of them, but there’s also an awareness of how threatening the other side was. Even more hilarious is that after all of this, Rohan and Vic still talked about working each other. If she does somehow stay, she’ll probably need him, regardless of if she wants to admit it.

Yet, with Victoria and Tera getting into a big argument about the latter supposedly wanting to leave before jury and with house meetings galore, this season continues to deliver.

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