Shameless season 11 episode 11: Is Frank Gallagher really dead?

Shameless - Frank

As we now approach the Shameless series finale on Showtime, it’s fair to ask questions about every character’s future. It’s also fair to wonder if Frank Gallagher isn’t going to be around for it.

Is Frank dead? The end of tonight’s episode strongly suggests so, as she shot himself up with drugs and left a note for the family. When you think about what Frank is facing, we understand the motivation for him here. This is someone who has always lived on his own terms, even if these terms have at times been horrible. The idea of losing his memory is devastating to him, and drinking alcohol now makes him ill. He’s being cut off from the very thing he loves the most, and even Liam’s attempts to bring him joy are only short-lived. There’s also the reality that the Gallagher house is being sold, and while he may not remember that at every moment, there are times when that may settle into his mind.

We never imagined that Frank’s story would have the happiest of endings — while he’s been a great source of comedic fodder over the years, we also can’t gloss over the fact that he’s done some terrible things and been an awful father to all of his kids. That’s one of the reasons why Fiona was so eager to leave, and why Debbie went after him during this episode.

If Frank is dead, that would be a reason for Fiona to return to Chicago for the finale — yet, we’re not 100% he is gone just yet. Someone may find him in time for him to be saved, but that would almost invalidate the point of “DNR” earlier this season. In retrospect, the end of that episode was clearly meant to foreshadow what we got tonight; all of Frank’s exploits with Liam were leading towards this dark conclusion.

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Do you think Frank on Shameless is truly dead?

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