NCIS season 18 episode 11 sneak peek: Vance hands down a punishment

NCISAs we enter NCIS season 18 episode 11 on CBS this Tuesday, it only makes sense that Vance punishes the agents. Ultimately, they gave him no choice.

Before we dive too much deeper here, let’s backtrack. Remember that on the most-recent episode “Watchdog,” Bishop, Torres, and McGee all decided to lie about what Gibbs did out in the field. They understood his motives and wanted to protect him, even if he was more than fine to accept the consequences of his actions. Mark Harmon’s character ended up getting suspended indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean the agents are in the clear at all.

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As a matter of fact, the sneak peek below is all about the ramifications of their actions. Vance tells McGee, Bishop, and Torres that they are all going to be placed on detail for an upcoming event at the Secretary of Defense’s home. At first, they’re excited! Then, Vance gives them the bad news: They won’t actually be attending the event, so this is not some opportunity for them to schmooze with high-level officials. Instead, they are there to make certain health and safety protocols are properly followed amidst what is going on with the virus. This is clearly a punishment, and Vance feels for now that this is one of the only things they can do without embarrassing NCIS further.

Is it frustrating to not have the agents out there in the field, doing some of their usual stuff? Sure, but remember that Vance often has a reason for what he does. He knows that he can’t just throw these three back on a case without them dealing with the aftereffects of what they did.

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