Is Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale? Is Jughead dead or missing?

RiverdaleIs Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale following the season 5 midseason finale? Could Jughead be dead … for real this time?

It’s true that we’ve all been down this road before … and there’s always a good chance that we will be going down this road again. The reality is that this is a show that loves to tempt and torment you, and putting this character through all sorts of trauma seems to be their signature move. The last time it appeared as though he was gone, he wasn’t. This time around, we’ve seen that bloody page … but still no body. One of the signature things that we’ve learned from TV over the years is simply this: Unless there is a body, that person could always still be out there. There is no public indicator that Cole is leaving the show, at least for now.

We know that it is feasible that Sprouse could leave Riverdale at some point, especially when you consider that there are probably a lot of other opportunities out there for him. You also do need to commit to the twist eventually; otherwise, it holds no meaning! There’s no reason to give us an “is Jughead dead?” cliffhanger time and time again if he’s always okay.

Granted … we also don’t want Jughead to be dead. He means so much to this show as a whole and there’s a lot more story that could be told here. Fingers crossed that this is just some sort of way for the producers to keep people excited for the show to return this summer. That’s a long wait, and you needed an especially big cliffhanger to make that worthwhile.

When the show does come back, we certainly hope that they resolve this cliffhanger immediately! We don’t need to endure more drama and torture after all of this…

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Do you think that Cole Sprouse is leaving Riverdale and the Jughead character for good?

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