Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10 spoilers: The Danny, Baez story

Blue Bloods season 11

As we approach Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10 on CBS this Friday, we’re more intrigued about Danny and Baez’s story than usual. Why? It all comes back to that moment they shared last week. We can’t guarantee that the “awkwardness” between them when it comes to talking about their love lives turns into anything. Yet, there’s no denying that it’s interesting. It also makes every case the two have from here on out all the more intriguing to look at.

On paper, the photo above from Friday’s “The Common Good” doesn’t do a lot to set the stage for what lies ahead relationship-wise. Neither does the Danny – Baez portion of the synopsis: “Danny and Baez become enmeshed in the world of competitive gaming when a high-profile video game streamer is murdered.”

Is it possible that the “awkward” moment turns into nothing? For now, we have to acknowledge that. There are few shows that move at a slower pace than Blue Bloods when it comes to cultivating relationships; yet, we have to also think that it the last last week was included for a reason. If there was nothing to it, then it would set the stage for mass disappointment.

Regardless of whether or not you think that Danny & Baez as a romantic couple as a good idea, we do think it’s something that needs to be talked about. Otherwise, why throw it in there? We’ll just have to see if it’s explored amidst this case, or at some point later on this season … or maybe season 12. There’s no guarantee that Blue Bloods gets renewed, but we’ve got zero reason to be anything other than optimistic right now.

What do you most want to see when it comes to Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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