Solar Opposites season 3: Is it renewed? Premiere date hopes

Solar Opposites season 2

Is there going to be a Solar Opposites season 3 at Hulu following the show’s return today? As you would imagine, we’ll take this subject on within this article.

So is the show coming back or not? Here’s where we can give you some news worth celebrating: There are more episodes coming in the future. The show was renewed all the way back in the summer of 2020, which is a tremendous show of faith for the series. It’s also a recognition of some of the realities that come with doing an animated series like this. You need a great deal of lead-up time in order to ensure that the stories are properly put together, and you don’t ever want to rush something like animation along.

Because of the early renewal, what Hulu also does is allow them a lot of flexibility as to when more episodes could launch. Maybe it could happen close to the end of the year, or there’s a chance that you could see them in 2022. A good part of it may just have to do with when Hulu as a streaming service wants them out there. Our hope is that they will want to release new episodes without too long a period of time in between; that way, they keep enthusiasm strong for more and don’t have fans ultimately forgetting about it and/or moving on to some other things.

As for the story itself, we don’t expect too much of Solar Opposites to change. This show knew what it was basically from the moment that it came out with season 1, and it has a little bit of the humor of Rick & Morty mixed with the interstellar charm of 3rd Rock from the Sun. Why change when what you’re doing is, in a part, a big reason for your success?

What do you want to see in terms of a Solar Opposites season 3?

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