‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ episode 9 review: Who is pregnant and who meets the angel of death?

American Horror Story

On tonight’s episode of “American Horror story: Asylum” we finally meet the modern day Bloody Face, and as it turns out he is Dr. Thredson’s son.

Lana finds out that she is pregnant with Dr. Thredson’s baby and despite her pleas to Sister Mary Eunice not to have the baby, Lana is told that she will have the baby and then the baby will be taken from her and sent to an orphanage. Lana gets access to a coat hanger and tries to end the pregnancy.  She later goes to see Kit and saying that they have to kill Dr. Thredson before someone finds him, but Kit reminds her that he is the only way to prove Kit’s innocence.

Lana tells Dr. Thredson that she’s pregnant with his child, showing him the documentation proving that she is.  She threatens to use the coat hanger to terminate the pregnancy and he freaks out at the thought of losing his child. She starts asking questions about the women that he’s murdered and he starts talking about his killings. Kit records the confession and when Thredson finds out what she did he asks if she lied about the baby too.  She tells him that there was a baby but she ended the pregnancy the night before with the coat hanger.  When she later returns to kill Dr. Thredson she discovers he has has been released by Sister Mary Eunice.  Lana is told that her attempt to terminate her pregnancy is unsuccessful and that she will be having a boy.

Kit tries to hide the recording, but Dr. Arden catches him just as he’s hidden the evidence to exonerate him. Dr. Arden takes Kit back to his office and tells him that he believes what Kit has been saying all along – that he has now seen it with his own eyes and that the aliens were at Briarcliff. He tells Kit that the aliens took Grace’s body and that he suspects that the they are taking these women because Kit has had relations with them and that they are studying Kit.  Dr. Arden suggests that they almost kill Kit to bring the aliens back since they will want to protect Kit and he agrees as he wants a chance to see his wife again.  Dr. Arden kills him and the aliens come for Kit, but as Dr. Arden runs around trying to find them he instead finds Grace in a room and she is at full term pregnancy.

Sister Jude wakes up strapped to a bed in Briarcliff as a patient. The Monsignor tells her that she killed Frank, and that Lee (bad Santa) is still alive. Lee is spinning tales about her rampage, along with Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden to a judge who then orders that Sister Jude will spend the remainder of her days as a patient at Briarcliff.  She is also told that she is no longer a nun with the Catholic church. In the recreation room, Jude sits down with Lana and tells her that she is truly sorry for what she did to her.  Jude promises to make it up to Lana by getting her out of Briarcliff, but she says she doesn’t trust Jude.

Later the Monsignor brings Lee into Jude’s room and Lee tells her that he forgives her for what she’s done to him, trying to claim that he’s on a path to redemption.  The Monsignor is so consumed with the idea of becoming the Pope that he decides to make Lee and his path to redemption his primary focus thinking that if he can convert someone like Lee then Rome would surely take notice of him.  The Monsignor unshackles Lee and baptizes him, but when Lee emerges from the water he drowns the Monsignor the hangs him unconscious up on a crucifix in the chapel. The angel of death appears and offers him a way out – does he take it?  we don’t know.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” wont’ be returning to FX until the new year, but we will continue to have spoilers for the second half of the season so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

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