‘Modern Family’ season 4, episode 10 review: Claire and Cameron want to flip a house

Modern FamilyOn tonight’s episode of ‘Modern Family’ Claire and Cameron try to help Manny and Luke out by building them a baseball field for their play off game, but when they see a house for sale next to the field, they decide that they want to buy the house and flip it. Once they bring in Phil and Mitchell in on the plan, Mitchell tells them that it’s not gonna happen and Phil is completely behind this decision thinking that there’s no way they would be able to flip this house, but instead of telling Claire this he acts supportive and throws Mitchell under the bus as the reason why they can’t buy and flip the house.

Claire is depressed about not working and not flipping the house and Cameron goes home to talk to Mitchell about how supportive he is concerning the house flipping venture.  Mitchell decides to to play chicken with Phil and starts to support Cameron in hopes that Phil will end up looking like the bad guy, but when Mitchell’s stops taking  Phil’s calls, they start texting each other about what a terrible idea the house flipping idea is, unfortunately they are texting through an old group text and Claire is getting all of their messages and realizes that neither Mitchell or Phil are being supportive.    When they get to the baseball field and see just how amazing it is Mitchell and Phil get on board with Cameron and Claire buying and flipping the house – that is until Jay tells them that it will ruin their relationship, but unfortunately their offer goes through and they are now home owners.

Gloria has found a new way to bond with her baby by singing (or shrieking as the case may be) through a megaphone type device into her belly.  As her singing gets worse and worse Jay decides to try and stop the insanity by participating in talking to the baby, but eventually he is cornered and has to tells Gloria the truth about her singing.  The conversation does not go well and she decides to prove Jay wrong by singing the national anthem at the kids baseball game.

What did you think of tonight’s midseason finale of “Modern Family? Were you hoping that it would be more of a holiday episode or are you happy with what they did?  leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: ABC

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