Snowfall season 4 episode 7 promo: Will Franklin walk away?

Snowfall season 4As we prepare for Snowfall season 4 episode 7 to air on FX next week, we better be prepared for some tough choices. Franklin Saint has to decide whether or not he wants to walk away from his empire, or risk further damage to the entirety of the world.

Much of what we’re seeing could stem from the closing minutes of last night’s episode, where Irene went to Alton about some of his son’s actions. She knows a lot about the drug empire, and she’s certainly figuring out Franklin’s connections to the US government. If everything gets out in the open, it could destroy the entire world that Franklin’s built and numerous people he loves. It could also keep Alton from being able to help anyone.

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So can this character get through to his son? That seems to be the central push of the promo below, with Alton being reasonably confident that he can find a way to get through to him. It’s obviously not going to be easy, and we’re not even sure that it’s possible. After all, if Franklin was really okay with leaving this world, wouldn’t he have been convinced by what happened with Fatback? Wouldn’t that have been enough of a push?

Clearly, Franklin won’t be the only character spiraling in this episode. After losing his brother, we do foresee Teddy struggling more with his place in the world. He’s done everything he has in Central America thinking that he’s doing the right thing for his country … but is he really? Is it all going up in smoke?

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