‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Norman Reedus says things will get “crazy”

The Walking Dead season 3Even though the Governor and Rick still haven’t met on “The Walking Dead” season 3, the Maggie and Glenn rescue mission at Woodbury definitely made things even more tense between these two parties, but Rick’s group aren’t the only people in serious trouble with the Governor.

During the midseason finale, Daryl got left behind at Woodbury during the rescue mission, but knowing that his brother Merle was somewhere in this creepy town motivated him to stick around and see what he could find. Unfortunately Daryl was captured before he could be reunited with Merle, but the Governor had plans for them which would bring the Dixon brothers face to face after being separated for so long.  After the Governor found out that Merle had lied to him about Michonne being dead and it costing him the “life” of his daughter Penny, Merle was high up on the list of people the Governor wanted dead (probably right under Michonne and Rick).  When Daryl and Merle were finally faced with one another it was in the middle of an angry mob of Woodbury citizens being riled up by the Governor for a fight to the death between the brothers – so what’s going to happen to Daryl, Merle and the rest of the survivors during the second half of season 3?

In a new interview with E! Online, Norman Reedus (Daryl) said that he can’t really say exactly what’s going to happen, but he assures fans that things will get crazy.  He said: “Oh my god, yeah. It gets nuts. Are you kidding? It goes crazy. We can’t tell you anything. I feel like AMC is tracking this conversation from a satellite somewhere.” Reedus also said that he’d love to see his character Daryl find a dog at some point.  He said: “I’d like to have a dog or find a dog. Just a regular dog, like a Mad Max-looking dingo dog!”

“The Walking Dead” season 3 will return to AMC in early February, so there’s still a little bit of a wait ahead of us until we find out what happens to our favorite group of survivors, but be sure to check back for updates and spoilers on the show, because we’ll be keeping everyone in the fold as new information about the second half of the season surfaces.

Photo: AMC

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