Big Brother Canada 9: Was Latoya Anderson evicted over Kiefer? (day 20)

Latoya AndersonOn tonight’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, there was a chance that something big could happen in regards to Latoya Anderson. Was she actually going to be evicted from the game? This is what Head of Household Victoria wanted, but there were no guarantees.

What we know is this: Victoria is a gamer. She loves to play, and she did almost everything she could to manipulate this week — including strong-arming Jedson to ensure that he didn’t play his Veto. She and the other Oddballs had the numbers to get Latoya out, and potentially blindside Jedson, Latoya, Tychon, and Beth along the way.

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Before even getting the eviction, we gotta say that Jedson played a lot of this really badly. First, he indicated at the Veto Ceremony that he didn’t care that much about Kiefer. Meanwhile, him and Tychon talking out in the open blew up in his face big-time when Victoria overheard it.

Judging from Latoya said in her eviction speech, it felt pretty clear that this was going to be a blindside. Beth, Jedson, and Tychon voted to evict Kiefer, but everyone else voted to evict Latoya. She left in a 6-3 vote and the reactions was pretty interesting. Nobody seemed all that shocked except for Kiefer, who ironically knew that it was coming. Maybe her speech was meant as a last-ditch way to throw Victoria under the bus? It may have also been that they knew they were live and nobody wanted to create too big of a stink. (She did tell Arisa after the fact that she suspected she was the target all along.)

Our bummer is that Latoya didn’t have some great line on her way out the door.

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