The Blacklist season 8 episode 11 photo: Reddington’s ‘Captain Kidd’ role

The BlacklistWe know that you will be waiting for a while to see The Blacklist season 8 episode 11, even if we wish that wasn’t the case. There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to “Captain Kidd,” though, as the story is about to reach a new level of intensity.

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The photo above seemingly shows Reddington down in the Post Office, where there is a chance he’ll be facing all sorts of conflict. What we’ve seen in some of these promos already is that a showdown is coming between James Spader’s character and Harold Cooper, with the drive and the secrets of the archive being at the center of it.

Remember that Liz recently left the drive for Cooper and through some of his own testing, he learned that it was Reddington’s fingerprint that allowed it to be opened. We’re sure that by now, he’s been able to extract most of the information within, and he could be ready to do battle with Reddington like ever before.

The moment that Cooper confronts Reddington about the drive, we have a feeling that there will be drama across the board. We imagine that he will want Harold to forget all about it, but that’s going to be so much easier said than done. Cooper wants answers, and while we believe personally that Reddington is some sort of super-secret double agent with America’s best interest at heart, how can he prove that to everyone else? Whatever he’s up to, he’s not about to spill the beans out of fear of compromising all that he has worked for.

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