‘The X Factor’ USA: Song spoilers from Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens

The X Factor LogoDo you want to know what some of your favorite “X Factor” USA contestants are singing for the show on Wednesday? Well, we’re lucky enough to have some hints coming in from their official Twitter accounts, where they do their best to represent their song choice (or song choices) via a picture. They did this same sort of things last week, and apparently they deemed it to be a reasonable success.

Without wasting too much time on the introduction here, let’s dive right in to the actual pictures to try and figure out just what these people are performing.

Emblem3Emblem3 – We’re not sure just what the boys are trying to do here. The first one seems like they are saying “baby, I love you,” but what kind of song is that? It must be something dated that Simon Cowell has somehow decided to make current. We’re assuming the pictures here are for two separate songs, and the easily interpretation for the second one would be “Bye, Bye, Bye.” Let’s be serious here for a moment, though: there is no logical explanation whatsoever for why these boys would ever choose to rock out to a song from ‘NSync. It just shouldn’t happen.

Carly Rose SonenclarCarly Rose Sonenclar – Please, let this be a clue for “Thinking About You” by Frank Ocean. If this is the song she is performing, we will take away almost every single bad thing we have said about Britney Spears as a judge all season long, since she’d at least be giving someone a song that has not already suffered a slow death on reality shows already.

However, if she is performing something from Whitney Houston we will be piling on Britney like better before. Whitney does not account for 20% of the music currently out there on the market.

Tate StevensTate Stevens – Okay, this one we are completely clueless about. It’s probably a song about a campfire, and our lack of knowledge here may just be a result of our lack of knowledge about country music beyond just some assorted hits of the past few years. Considering how much Tate was unfairly dogged for trying to stretch himself last week, he’s probably going to stay squarely in the country catalogue for the next two weeks.

Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony – To us, this is probably the easiest clue to figure out. After all, isn’t it somewhat obvious that they are performing “So What?” by Pink? We don’t really know what else would fit their resting facial expressions, and the song feels like the perfect follow-up to their performance of “Give Your Heart a Break.”We’re starting to see this group almost like the real-life Trouble Tones from “Glee,” and this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

What do you think these song choices could mean? If you want to read up on what Emblem3 recently had to say about their edit this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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