Chicago Med exclusive sneak peek: Is Dean ignoring Natalie’s concerns?

Chicago MedWednesday night’s new episode of Chicago Med is right around the corner, and once again, this episode puts a spotlight on Dr. Dean Archer.

Despite being long-experienced in the field of medicine, Dr. Archer is still a newcomer at the hospital. He’s skilled, but also used to doing things his own way — and he’s not often accustomed to having someone question his choices. For a fine example of that, take a look at the exclusive sneak peek below. (Once you watch, remember to subscribe to the Matt & Jess YouTube Channel — we have a wide array of fun discussions there on a number of different shows.)

In this preview, Dean is in the process of treating a patient who Natalie has a personal connection with. Their kids go to pre-school together; we don’t get a lot of updates on Owen, so even a brief mention of him is always welcome. Dean’s in the process of sharing with the patient the results of an ultrasound, and he is ready to move on to the next phase: Having her undergo a CT.

However, Natalie voices some concerns to him once the two are alone over some swelling that was present around the gallbladder. She’s worried that there is something he is overlooking, but he is more dismissive of the idea. Rather than acting on anything now, he would rather wait for the CT results before “jumping to any conclusions.” Is it really jumping to conclusions when acting fast could help the patient immediately? It’s hard to gauge who is right here, but we’ve come to trust Natalie’s intuition over the years. She’s thinking of the patient’s care first and wants to exhaust any and all options.

Given that Dean has practiced medicine so much of his career in a different environment, it only makes sense that there would be an adjustment period. With that being said, will he ever adjust at all? Is he the right fit for this hospital? There were some concerns last week, and those could balloon to another level in just over 24 hours.

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