‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 10 review: Who is getting an engagement ring for Christmas?

Hart of Dixie

After last week’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2 where Zoe and Wade broke up, viewers have been hoping that they will find their way back to one another – unfortunately things are not looking so good for them as Wade seems to have regressed back to his string of one night stands.

Zoe’s mother has come to town to spend time with Zoe, but she has figured out a plan to keep her mother busy so that she has to spend as little time as possible with her.  Sadly for Zoe her mother has other plans and starts diving into questions about Zoe’s personal life, like who she is dating.  Zoe makes up lies about men she’s dated, and leaves out the fact that she was sleeping with Wade. When Wade’s drunk father Earl let’s slip that Wade and Zoe are dating, Zoe’s mom wants all the details. Later she admits to her mother that she pushed Wade away and that she misses him, so she goes over to Wade’s place and apologizes for the date at the picnic, saying that she sabotaged it.  She tells him that she really likes him and hopes that he will be her boyfriend.  Wade kisses her and the romance is back on.

George is getting into the Christmas spirit by playing Joseph in a Nativity scene, but when Tansy meet ups with him and Brick takes George’s outfit, he finds an engagement ring in the pocket.  Wanda tells Tansy about the ring and she goes over to George’s office and tells him that they need to take a break.  Later Brick confronts George about the engagement ring and he tells Brick that it’s not his. It turns out the ring belongs to Lavon and he’s going to ask Ruby to marry him. George clears up the misunderstanding with Tansy about the engagement ring and is now on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for her.

Lavon planned to make his last week with Ruby special before she moves to Dallas in hopes that she will miss Bluebell and move her company there, but  prior obligations make this difficult and Ruby’s jealousy over Lemon only makes matters worse.  When she confronts Lavon about his friendship with Lemon he doesn’t bring up the fact that they have had a relationship in the past, instead Lavon sits down with Lemon and asks her to make peace with Ruby. Lemon asks Ruby to come to the church and  help wrap gifts with her for children in need and Ruby accepts, but before going to the church, Brick tells Lemon that Lavon is planning to propose to Ruby. At the church Ruby is rubbing it in Lemon’s face that she is the only one that Lavon has ever loved, until Lemon snaps and tells her that there was someone else that he loved – her.

At the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Lavon couldn’t be more excited to propose to Ruby, but she confronts him about his past relationship with Lemon. He tries to explain that his love for Lemon is over and proposes to her, but Ruby walks away from him.  Later he goes to her house to try and fix the situation and she tells him that the long distance relationship won’t work and that it’s over between them. Lavon goes over to Lemon’s house and tells her off about ruining his relationship with Ruby, saying  that he will never forgive her.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2? Are you happy that Wade and Zoe found a way to work things out? And what about Lavon and Ruby – do you want to see him work things out with Ruby or are you still hoping that he will get back together with Lemon? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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