NCIS season 18 episode 10 promo: Why is Gibbs getting arrested?

NCISJust in case NCIS wasn’t throwing us into enough emotional turmoil already, we have the season 18 episode 10 promo to think about. In this, Jethro Gibbs is getting arrested! How in the world did this happen?

One thing that does feel clear at the moment is that we’re seeing a near-complete unravel for Mark Harmon’s character, and it is likely coming about for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, consider the departure of Jack Sloane last week, and then the death of Emily Fornell tonight. Gibbs knows that pain after losing his own daughter, and seeing Tobias suffer may bring him back to that place. These are a lot of tough things all hitting him at once, and it may cause him to act as he very rarely does.

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With this spelled out, we can’t imagine that Gibbs is out there starting some crime spree. If he was to ever get arrested, we tend to think that it is either him being falsely accused or that he broke some laws in order to resolve a case. Typically Gibbs follows a very specific set of rules, but is he even in a mental state anymore where all of these rules apply? He’s going to need someone to talk to.

Given that this episode is the last one before another hiatus, let’s just hope that there’s some resolution here to whatever is happening. Obviously Gibbs won’t be spending the rest of NCIS in prison … or at least that’s hard to believe. There has to be an explanation!

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