The Resident season 4 episode 8: Is Mina about to be fired?

Mina and AJAs we reflect on The Resident season 4 episode 8, we have a feeling that Barrett Cain is going to be doing a lot of reflecting of his own. What he did tonight was an act of revenge against Mina, but one that has enormous consequences — they could cause her to lose everything.

Is Cain trying already to unravel what he did? It seems that way, as he’s got the board after Dr. Okafor for everything from her past with Micah to her present with AJ. The Raptor did his best to convince Barrett of the error of his ways, and to some extent, it is successful. Whether or not that matters in the end, however, remains to be seen. Cain may have already caused too much damage.

Yet, it is important to note that we seem to have reached some sort of turning point — and we may have AJ, in part, to thank for it. Speaking in a new interview with TV Insider, here is some of what Morris Chestnut himself had to say on the subject:

Cain knows AJ is someone who’s always had his back and believed in him for the most part. AJ always does the right thing. For him to even confront Cain like that at his home, it is a big deal. Cain realizes the magnitude of the whole Mina situation.

Now, Cain has to figure out if he’s capable of doing anything about it. Can he undo some of the damage that he has already caused? That is a big question, and it’s not something that we have all that much of a firm answer to at the moment. We at least want to believe that everyone on this show can be capable of redemption.

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