Blue Bloods season 11: Will we see more Joe Hill in the future?

Blue Bloods season 11

If you recall, earlier this season on Blue Bloods season 11 we had quite the arc centering around Joe Hill. He was a good cop long before he realized he was actually a Reagan, and that threw him for a loop. That was before the news became public and he then had to figure out what he wanted to do as a result of that. He’s been away for a while, and there is still no indication as to whether or not he will return.

Is there a hope that he will? Absolutely, and that’s something that we heard about a rather long time ago. In an interview with Deadline at the start of the season showrunner Kevin Wade noted that they “hopefully” would revisit the Joe character later on this season, but we haven’t seen any firm evidence that he is back as of yet. Wade noted, after all, that there are a lot of other longtime actors that the show needs to surface, and that’s without even mentioning that we’ve barely seen Nicky for most of the season.

One of the other challenges this season comes via the episode count — there are less stories this year than usual. That puts even more of a limitation on what the writers and producers can do. Maybe there are some plans that get pushed for a potential season 12.

Personally, we think it is a potential season 12 that dictates a lot of what Wade and the writers do the rest of the way. If this turns out to be the final season (which feels unlikely), there may be more pressure to wrap up all loose ends. However, if there is another season they may feel a certain degree of flexibility. When you think about the current vaccine rollout, there’s a chance that another season would go back to having a larger episode order again.

No matter what’s planned, we do want to see more of Joe. That character deserves a chance to find some peace.

Do you think we’ll have a chance to see a lot of Joe Hill over the course of Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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