Animal Kingdom season 5 promo: Who’s the new boss?

Animal Kingdom season 3Animal Kingdom season 5 is set to premiere on TNT this summer, but the network is already starting to debut some of their promos for what’s ahead.

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If you look below, you can see the latest promo for the new season that hypes up one thing more than any other: The relationship between all of the Cody boys. Are they as dysfunctional as ever? Sure, but they all do seem to be reveling in the excitement of running the show without Smurf. Maybe at first, they will share in the responsibilities and not cause any problems. Not all of them, after all, are cracked up to be leaders — J is probably the most capable, though he does lack empathy and that could eventually get all of them in trouble.

If there is one thing we know about this show, though, it’s that nothing stays the same forever. We imagine some bonds will fracture over the course of the season, which could lead to all sorts of surprising developments. Meanwhile, there could be even more from Smurf’s past still to unravel — because the younger version of the character is still going to be featured, we have to imagine that she is going to play some sort of role in what is to come.

Hopefully over the next month/month and a half, we’ll learn an official premiere date. The more to get us amped-up to see the actual show, the better off we’re going to be. By the time season 5 premieres, it could be almost two years after the end of season 4! It’s by far the longest hiatus we’ve had.

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