Big Brother Canada 9: Is Victoria Woghiren’s social game her strength?

Victoria WoghirenNow that we’ve seen the entirety of the Big Brother Canada 9 cast leading into the premiere, one thing feels clear: There are a lot of fun people in the mix! That of course includes Victoria Woghiren, who we are talking about within this piece.

So what do we know about Victoria on the surface? She is a 27-year old youth advocate from Hamilton, Ontario, and she works in order to help other kids who have a challenging upbringing. She discusses in her cast video growing up in foster care, where she had to move around frequently and rely largely on her social skills to make friends and handle delicate situations.

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Are some of these social skills going to be an asset for Victoria in the game? She seems to think so — she’s got a lively, upbeat personality, and she seems to be relying on her social game in order to get her far. We do think that she’ll be a player and won’t just sit back and let the game come to her. We see her making alliances, contemplating moves, and trying to make the most out of her time in the house. She just feels like that sort of person out to live life to the fullest.

So what are her drawbacks? We don’t know if she’ll be as strong in competitions as some other players, and typically people who are this upbeat can have a hard time connecting with everyone in the house. She’s going to face some challenges in there, but we do think she’ll find at least three or four close friends and can make a solid pack with them. She needs to just settle in, and while it’s great to think about the game constantly in the house, you also can’t go too hard, too fast. That’s probably our greatest concern with her based on her go-getter personality.

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