Big Brother Canada 9 spotlight: Rohan Kapoor wants to be the villain

Rohan KapoorOn paper, Rohan Kapoor is the sort of Big Brother Canada houseguest we always want. It’s fun to have someone who, entering the season, openly wants to be the villain. He’s down to manipulate and cause chaos, and he wants to mess with people’s heads and pull strings behind the scenes.

If Rohan can pull it off, he’ll be a legend — yet, you have to remember that this is no easy task! Other people are smart, and sooner or later, they may recognize some of what he’s up to.

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Here are some of the base facts about Rohan: He’s a 26-year old strategic partnerships manager from Toronto. He’s someone who works to get deals done in life, so in theory, you’d imagine that he will be able to do the same in the house. The challenge he may run into is that there’s a difference between a business deal and a deal in a game like this, one where personal feelings play a role. Not everyone views the game the same way, so he will need to be adept at balancing his lies and communicating to each person in a way where they believe him. Listening and relating to others are really two of the keys to success.

It’s obvious that Rohan is a highly intelligent guy, and that should be to his benefit in certain competitions. On the flip side, his one downfall could be that he thinks a little too much. We could easily see him getting caught in a bad situation early and struggling to get out of it. We’ve seen players in this archetype do that more times than we can count, so we’re worried in the early going — very worried.

Let’s be clear, though — we really want to root for Rohan through a good chunk of this game. This is the sort of villain who is fun to root for, since they’re viewing the game solely as that and aren’t out to hurt anyone on a personal level. He’s going to play the game hard, and isn’t that what we want after watching so many followers on this franchise over the past few years? We appreciate ambition and someone thinking hard about how to impact the house. Whether he moves too quickly, however, remains to be seen.

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