Big Brother Canada 9 spotlight: What Julie Vu brings to the game

Julie VuOut of anyone coming into Big Brother Canada 9it’s clear that Julie Vu has the largest overall following. She’s a successful YouTuber with more than 500,000 subscribers, and she’s long been bold, candid, and brave. She’s a transgender contestant who has already gone through so much in her life — she may be able to handle the stressful environment of the house better than most, right? She’s got perspective, perseverance, and above all else a passion to play.

We know that Julie is going to deliver one-liners and entertaining moments — there’s isn’t any reason to question that. What we want to think about instead is whether or not she can turn out to be a fantastic competitor this season. Are we feeling good? Let’s get into some of what’s going for and against her…

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The biggest thing Julie has going for her is that she’s not a follower in the slightest — she’ll be a leader and a force to be reckoned with. She strikes us as the sort of person who will speak out against a power-hungry jerk in the house, and is influential enough to band people together, even if they don’t always get along. She’ll speak her mind and do whatever it takes in order to win, and that’s something that will make her popular on the outside. Some of what makes Julie popular on YouTube, ironically, should translate well into getting Canada to vote for her to get twists and the like.

Could some of these personality traits get her in trouble? Sure. Julie will need a strong alliance this season, including people other than herself who can win competitions. A drawback to being outspoken is that it makes you a target, and Julie could easily be one of those people who either goes out early or is around very late — we don’t think she’ll be some wallflower who is forgotten about.

No matter how she fares, we’re above all just excited that Julie will understand this is a TV show. We need people to entertain us or provide good commentary! We figure we’ll get at least two or three iconic moments from her this season.

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