Big Brother Canada 9 spotlight: Why Josh Farnworth is SO fascinating

Josh FarnworthAs we prepare for the premiere of Big Brother Canada 9 on Global tomorrow night, we know that Josh Farnworth is someone we’ll be watching for. He doesn’t feel at all like the sort of person we see on this show. He’s a 30-year old film production coordinator from New Westminster, British Columbia (not too far from the production hotbed that is Vancouver), and he has a super-chill, laid-back sort of personality. It doesn’t feel like he’ll be desperate for camera time or shouting his opinions at other people.

So how is all of this going to function within the game? That’s what we are utterly clueless about entering this season…

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We’ll admit that there’s a big part of us that thinks Josh could do well just because he’ll be underestimated. It’s hard to imagine anyone will see him as an immediate threat. He’s in good shape, but he’s not like Jedson or some of the other super-athletic players. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be bragging about how smart he is. A part of his social game could just be talking about Elon Musk, simulations, or some other super-off-the-wall stuff. Josh, by far, seems like the houseguest this season most likely to volunteer to live on a Moon colony.

Here’s the big problem with Josh: Could he be too weird for his own good? As someone who has never sat at the popular kids’ table once in school, we feel like Josh would’ve been one of our offbeat friends. We can’t see him meshing with everyone in the game and some other players could be frustrated that they can’t quite figure him out.

Unfortunately, a big part of his official video is spent painting him in a very particular light, so it’s really hard to get a good sense of Josh’s overall view of game strategy. He’s smart enough to have a high ceiling in this game, but his ability to relate to everyone else is our chief concern. If we were playing this season, though, he’d be an almost-instant ally.

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How do you think Josh Farnworth will fare on Big Brother Canada 9?

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