Big Brother Canada 9 spotlight: Is Jedson Tavernier a real contender?

Jedson TavernierAs we prepare for the premiere of Big Brother Canada 9 premiere on Global this season, Jedson Tavernier is someone you can’t ignore. First of all, the guy is 6’3”! He’s one of the tallest people on the season, and he’s also an exceptional athlete.

The first thing that is obvious about Jed (as he calls himself in his video) is that he’s going to be a huge competitor in competitions. There’s no denying that, and there’s also no sense in the 25-year personal trainer from Aurora trying to hide his abilities. He’s going to be a target no matter how you slice it.

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Out of all of the houseguests that we’ve spotlighted so far, Jedson’s in one of the most unusual places. Typically, you want to enter this game with as much flexibility as possible — his size and obvious athleticism prohibit it. He can’t play under the radar; nobody is going to believe he’s ever throwing competitions. The best thing that he can do is bond with people who respect his skill set. Maybe he’s a big target for other people to hide behind, or maybe he pairs up with other big targets. He needs to be wary of a showmance or anything else that makes him stand out further; the longer he can keep his allegiances under wraps, the better. (We’re a little concerned that he’ll be a tad too flirtatious.)

Just because he’ll be hard to take out, we don’t see him being a super-early boot. Yet, we think the shadow of the Pretty Boys still looms large. He’s going to face an uphill battle in there, mostly due to fears of all-bro alliances or that he could comp beast his way until the end. He does seem like a nice guy and he’s got some noble goals for his life in pursuing equality and social justice — maybe that will help him show different sides in this game. He’s going to need every bit of help possible getting players to ignore the obvious strengths that are RIGHT in front of them.

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