Big Brother Canada 9: How Beth Bieda could approach the game

Beth BiedaAs we prepare for Big Brother Canada 9 to premiere on Global this Wednesday, what is there to expect from Beth Bieda? Is she someone who could be a serious contender, or is she more likely to be an easy, early boot?

We’ll say that on the surface, there are a few things we like about her. She’s 27 years old, meaning that she goes into the show more life experience than the younger cast while still being able to relate to them. She’s also a social worker, so she knows how to speak to people who are in need of help. Her social game should be top-notch, and as someone who grew up on a farm in Alberta, she’ll know the value of hard work. She comes across as someone who wants to bring her positive attitude into the game and just about every turn.

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So what could hold her back in the end? It’s similar to what we said about Austin, and it’s that question about a long-term gameplan or making some of the tough choices. She says that she wants to be entertaining and we appreciate that — this is a TV show. Yet, we also want to know that she has a killer instinct and will cut her friends to win the grand prize. No matter what she says, we don’t know if she’ll be able to do it when the chips are down.

If Beth can make it to the end with someone who is either unlikable or played a bad game, she could have a shot of being the winner — but she will probably need to win the final Head of Household to get there. If she doesn’t have a cutthroat gene, her gameplan should just be to make friends, stay within an alliance, and then just win competitions down the road. It’s not easy to win this way since you’ll be an obvious late-game threat, but it can be done.

Do you think Beth Bieda is worth watching out for on Big Brother Canada 9?

Give us your pre-game assessment of her below! We’ll have more spotlights at the link here as we prepare for the season. (Photo: Global.)

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