‘The X Factor’ UK debate: Why Simon Cowell is not the answer for ratings issue

The X Factor JudgesAre there differences between the way in which American and British viewers watch television? It’s possible, and it may also be an issue of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.

With that, we’re presented with quite a quandary over “The X Factor” as we have heard time and time again that some British viewers dislike the current season of the show (as evidenced by the lower ratings), and are desperate to see Simon Cowell back. However, we as an American actually find the British show to be not only thoroughly entertaining, but also a major step up from the show in America. It’s professional, it’s fun, and it had a winner in James Arthur who is better than anyone here in the United States.

As a matter of fact, we believe that anyone desperate to see Cowell back on British shores for the new year is terribly misguided. Why? He’s basically the biggest problem with the American show right now, and having him overseas again would only be a quick-fix for the ratings that would not last. As both a judge and a boss on the show, he upsets the balance of power, and he also comes across as condescending. Nicole Scherzinger floundered sitting next to him in America, but free from his domineering presence in the UK she has become a judging superstar. Now, Demi Lovato is constantly seeing her credibility as a judge attacked by the man responsible for hiring her in the first place.

We actually think that the judging panel is thoroughly entertaining over on the UK, and the only judge we could feasibly go without next year is Louis Walsh, mostly because we don’t know if there is anything left for him to say that he has not already said. Even with that, though, we like the idea of having an elder statesman like him on the panel. Gary Barlow and Tulisa are also pretty great judges, mostly because they are never shy of an opinion.

Ultimately, the largest issue “The X Factor” UK currently faces is really the fault of nothing that they are doing save for a flaw in the country’s voting public; instead, it’s just the slow death of the singing competition genre. With “The Voice” UK and “Britain’s Got Talent” both on, the show does just not feel as special as it once did. If one of them goes away, “The X Factor” could get back some of its former glory. As it is, though, it is unlikely that any change will lead to permanent improvement.

What change do you want to see made to the show next year? Be sure to share below, and you can read some more news on James Arthur’s win over here.

Photo: ITV

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