Is Megan Boone leaving The Blacklist, Elizabeth Keen? Where is Liz?

The BlacklistIs Megan Boone leaving The Blacklist and her longtime role of Elizabeth Keen? We know that there are TONS of questions about this, as there have been for the past few weeks. We’re writing this before tonight’s new episode arrives but, if Liz does not appear, this will make four straight episodes without the character around.

So what is going on here? We’re going to continue offering the same refrain that we have for a while: This is a show trying to establish a certain distance between Liz and some of the other characters. She’s presumably somewhere else in the world right now, where she is building an empire and trying to become more of a legitimate threat towards Raymond Reddington. It goes without saying, but this is not a particularly easy thing to do. We know that she wants him dead, but it also seems like she wants to destroy his entire world before that happens. This is a story about her wanting to murder the idea of Reddington just as much as the man himself. Because she can’t get many other people on board with this mission, that’s why she is alone and largely MIA.

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Would it be fulfilling if we were to actually see Liz building up this world? Sure, and we have to buy into the idea that this is coming. Don’t be surprised if an upcoming episode is Liz-specific and focuses on what she’s been doing the whole time she’s separate from Reddington and the Task Force. We don’t think this character is being hung out to dry. With that, we also don’t think that Boone is leaving. She has yet to say anything in either interviews or social media to even suggest that. Is she staying quiet? Sure, but that may be to preserve the mystery of the story. It may not be anything more than that.

We’ll see if Liz shows up on tonight’s “Ogden Greeley” — if she doesn’t, there’s always another episode and opportunity the week after.

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